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How does pick-up & drop-off work?

As specified above, to have your equipment placed out in our secure yard, call 24 hours in advance. Your equipment will then be prepped for pick up as per your specifications and waiting in the secure yard until you arrive.

You will use your issued key fob to gain access to the yard and your equipment. When you are at the end of your outing there is no need to notify the office because you can drop off your equipment in the same yard 24 hrs a day

What if someone other than myself calls to pick up my equipment?

First if you call and request the equipment out and you give your remote to the person picking up your equipment there is no issue.

The problem arises when your friend or relative calls to request the equipment to be put outside and you have not listed that person on the contract as a responsible candidate. If the persons name is not on the contract the owner must call in and notify the office of who it will be picking it up. That person then needs to bring a photo I.D. so the office staff can take a copy. We will then let them into the gate to retrieve the vehicle. This rule is also the same if you want someone not listed on the contract to retrieve something out of your stored equipment.

Will you charge my battery if necessary? Electrical capabilities?

Yes, with 72 hour notice at the price listed on the service menu. We do have electrical hook ups if you would like to be on a constant charge. Just ask the office for the rate per amps you will require.

Are you guys really open 24 hours a day?

No, the ability to pick up and drop off your equipment is 24 hrs a day. We are open from 8 – 4:30 pm, 7 days a week. To pick up your equipment, you call the office, or fill out a service request, beforehand and set up an appointment and we will have it prepped to your specifications at the time you requested. There is no need to notify us when dropping your equipment back off because you will have access via the key fob to the secured motorized gate.

What happens if some damage occurs to my equipment or the building itself?

When you initially sign up we require a copy of your insurance and registration, if 24 hrs damages your equipment while in our storage facility we will first notify you, and set up a time to look at the damage together, at that time 24 hrs will either repair the damage or pay up to the deductible of your insurance.

How do I go about getting another key fob? costs?

Our office staff will be happy to sell you additional key fobs for $50.00 each. If yours stops working we will replace it free of charge, unless you dropped it in the lake.

Do I still need to winterize and/or prep for summer?

There is no need to winterize your equipment when stored inside other then some fuel stabilizer for any long term storage of fuel.


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