Keeping Your Equipment Safe & Secure

Recreational equipment to start with is a very expensive decision, although the activities, memories and wonderful stories make the ownership priceless. Here at 24 H.R.S. we have everything from million plus dollar Buses to 10’ aluminum fishing boats and everything in between. These pieces of equipment need to be taken care of , whether that’s in a secure well lit outdoor yard or inside our warehouse. Each customer will receive a registered keyfob for gate entry. This way we can monitor who is coming and going within our facilities. We also have cameras and recording equipment to help secure our facility when we are not open.

So Why Us?? Well we have a full complement of storage and service options to fit anyone’s budget without sacrificing security. We also have onsite marine service care, on site fiberglass repair and paint. All our contracts are month to month so no long term contracts are required. So why not us??

Why Indoor Storage?

The four seasons all have different affects that deteriorate the looks and mechanical condition of your equipment.

SUMMER // equals Heat and the UV Rays are extremely harmful to exterior finishes as well as upholstery.

FALL // brings those pesky leaves that fall on your equipment and with a little moisture creates a molding or mildew effect to whatever they may fall on.

WINTER // brings freezing temperatures that can damage engines, cracking of plastic lines and moisture that tends to permeate into everything.

SPRING // brings those warm days and cool moist nights which create humidity that causes mold and mildew. This is the reason your equipment should be stored indoors year round.

The Solution?

When you make the investment of indoor storage these weather issues go away and when you store with 24 H.R.S.the headaches of washing, dumping, and parking are all taken care of. So your return on investment is more time with the family enjoying the toys and when you go to upgrade you will sell the equipment for more dollars then if the equipment was stored outside in the elements.

We don’t just provide a secure indoor parking spot, we provide unique services to assist you in caring for your vehicles.

Budget Conscious?

Outdoor storage is the solution for you.


Your equipment needs security

Our surveillance equipment is monitoring your Boat, RV, Watercraft or Classic Car 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is safe.


How we are monitoring your equipment

  • 24 hour state-of the art digital video surveillance
  • Motion sensors capture any activity on the premises
  • Plenty of bright lights allowing all cameras a clear view
  • Securely fenced yard
  • Remote key-less entry for quick access
  • Security logs for each customers entrance and exit times


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